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The Stephen Kay Homes Story

lot30grassybranchInvesting in a new home is a big decision. So is choosing a home builder. Not only can the builder you select make or break your construction experience, the quality of their work can affect your home value – and your family’s happiness – for years to come. You also need to be assured that they are committed to taking care of you after the home is built and the keys are handed over to you. At Stephen Kay Homes, that’s a responsibility we take seriously. Let me tell you how our unique approach and background leads to a house you’ll want to call home forever.

Family Tradition, Modern Mindset

My name is Carl Moore and I founded Stephen Kay Homes. You could say building homes is in my blood. My father worked at a lumber yard as a delivery driver, dispatch and later in sales. In the early years growing up my family only had one vehicle, so my mother and I would pick him up at the end of a hard day at work. He often worked late to meet the demands of the builders needing materials fast, and so I would wander inside and see the creations being made by the craftsmen in the mill, and to this day I still remember how I loved to smell the freshly milled wood. Many weekends my father would take me with him to visit jobsites to check the material count onsite to see if the carpenters would need more the following week and to talk with builders about their business needs. This was not required or compensated for, but ole dad took pride in being prepared and taught me that going above and beyond is what earned him more business and sales. I never forgot that lesson. He was always showing me all the different processes and materials on the job and explaining them to me. The carpenters on the job would also show how they worked their magic as I watched in awe. Little did I realize I would use all that knowledge later.

I took a job as an apprentice Interior Trim carpenter at 20 with a crew led by Amish carpenters. I found I had a natural knack for the work and soon mastered the precision and understanding needed to problem solve complex projects like curved stairs. I soon ventured out into the scary world with a dream to own my own business and make more money for my family. I founded a Interior Trim and Remodeling company. I quickly grew my business through my reputation of high quality and going above and beyond, lessons learned from my wise father. Many of the carpenters who I have hired and trained are still working for me to this day.

Why This Sets Us Apart

This is a different path from many of the builders in business nowadays. Many have never actually swung a hammer. It surprises many, but learning ones way through the trades or earning a construction management major in college is not the how many custom builders got started. Some may understand the processes and the science behind building, and how to do the paperwork but never fully gain the trust and loyalty of their subcontractors because they can never relate to them. I have been in the trenches and I have done just about everything there is to do in building a home through all the remodeling jobs I took on in addition to interior trim. Most builders often build at most 3 homes a year, I have trimmed out 25 to 30 homes a year and watched each of those houses being built, as well as learned the ins and outs of the different styles of design and building. You will often see me climb a ladder and walk the roof to make sure the flashing is done to my satisfaction so I know there will be no leaks, or crawl through the crawl space to ensure a drain pipe was connected right. If my name is on the work, I want to make double sure it’s right.

I built my first home in 2007 because I wanted to see if things could be improved in the custom home building world. I saw too many homeowners who were weary and upset with their custom home builder by the time I arrived on the scene to trim out the home. In the production world the homeowners were happy with the service from the builder because the expectation was set in the first meeting, but frustrated with the lack of customization and personalization. I knew there had to be a better way to communicate with and provide a better experience for homeowners, while providing the customization and higher quality of a lovingly built custom home. I started Stephen Kay Homes to offer a personalized alternative to the industry giants who build 1000s of the same box house every year. We’re large enough to offer competitive pricing and state-of-the-art amenities, yet small enough to personally deliver a truly customized tailored home that brings your vision to life.

Homes of Distinction

Whether you’re building a brand new home or moving into a completed showcase model, you’ll find a common quality that runs throughout this company. We call it “distinction” – the condition of being recognizably different, and superior. We build in distinct communities, offer distinct architectural styles, distinct floor plans and finishing options, and most importantly, distinct customer care. Our commitment to a higher standard results in homes that are exceptionally elegant, yet delightfully functional at every level.

Built on a Solid Foundation

Every board and every brick rests on time-honored values. We believe that positive relationships ensure our long-term success, which is why we work with the utmost respect for our customers and suppliers, and among ourselves. We focus on achievement, striving to be the best at what we do, through attention to detail and dedication to a job done right. We are proud of the fact that we have never filed bankruptcy even in the worst of times and have honored all of our commitments. And we are always learning, keeping abreast of trends and techniques that will define the distinctive homes of tomorrow.

Ultimately, our business philosophy is rooted in a simple truth. Your new home is your dream. And here at Stephen Kay Homes, it’s our honor to help you make it come true.

Carl Moore


PO Box 558

Westfield, IN 46074


EMAIL: carl@stephenkayhomes.com